About company

The slogan «FLYCAT. YOUR SMART PET » reflects the company's mission: giving people high-tech and intelligent pet that will make life more colorful, emotional, enjoyable and full of happy moments.

Our company trusts only in technologies that were thoroughly tested by time and our team.

We offer you an exclusive combination of high product quality, advanced technology, modern design, as well as compliance of our devices with all the requirements of digital home and office.

You get only what is really necessary and convenient to the ordinary person in everyday life.

FLYCAT - is a reliable and loyal friend, you can trust in any situation.

The words "quality" and "reliability" is a fundamental principle for our team.

FLYCAT - is energetic, hardworking and very caring assistant, which is able to help you out during everyday tasks of any complexity.

We carry out a multi-level quality control at all stages of production to the highest criteria, which ensures that people get high quality of life in the modern world of IT-technologies.

FLYCAT - is one of the most charming, sociable and friendly devices that can understand you perfectly.

With great care and attention to detail, our team creates not just a device that will be with you every day. We create for you unique "pets", which give their owners only the most sincere and positive emotions.